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Ray Chpaman died after being hit by a pitch. According to one source, his death was one of the reasons the spitball was outlawed.

Also Doc Powers died in 1909 two weeks after crashing into a wall while chasing a pop fly.


Ray Chapman was beaned in a game and died the next day. The incident had nothing to do with the spitball which had been outlawed several years earlier although some pitchers who relied on the pitch previously to the ban were allowed to use it until they retired.

In August 1974, Alfredo Edmead a future major League player at the age of 17 died in/on right field after a diving catch that caused him to hit his head on the second baseman's (Pablo Cruz) knee. The 1974 Salem Pirates (an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates)went on to win the Carolina League Championship.

It was commonly known that Edmead could have been the next Roberto Clemente. Other teammates on that great team included john candileria, Steve nicosia, mitchell page, miguel dilone and many others that spent years in the majors.

The reason I know this info is because I was the batboy/groundskeeper that year.

Raymond Johnson Chapman (January 15, 1891 � August 17, 1920) was an American baseball player, spending his entire career as a shortstop for Cleveland.

He is notable as the only Major League Baseball player to date to have been killed in a game, when he was hit in the head by a pitch thrown by Yankees hurler Carl Mays that he appeared not to have seen. His death led Major League Baseball to establish a rule requiring umpires to replace the ball whenever it became dirty. His death was also one of the examples used to emphasize the need for wearing batting helmets (although the rule was not adopted until over thirty years later).

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Q: Has any player ever died either on the baseball field or from injuries suffered during a game?
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