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Q: Has any pitcher struck out 27 consecutive batters?
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Baseball pitcher nolan Ryan struck out more batters than any other pitcher in baseball historyhow many batters did he struck out during his career?

5,000 +

Nolan Ryan struck out more batters than any other pitcher in in baseball history how many batters did he strike out during his career?


What is a perfect game for a pitcher?

A perfect game for a pitcher is one in which the pitcher faces the minimum of 27 batters and does not let any of them get on-base.

Did Scott kazmir strike out 27 batters?

No, Scott Kazmir hasn't struck out 27 batters in an official game however he struck out 41 batters with Tampa Bay in 2004, he struck out 174 batters in 2005 and 163 in 2006 all with Tampa, he struck out 239 in 2007 and 166 with Tampa in 2008, he struck out 26 with Tampa in 2019 and 117 with the Angels in 2009, he struck out 93 batters in 2010 but failed to strike any batter out in 2011 and didn't participate in an official Major League inning in 2012, he struck out 162 batters in 2013 with the Cleveland Indians and he struck out 164 batters in 2014 with the Oakland Athletics.

Can a mlb pitcher pitch consecutive games?

Yes, a pitcher can pitch as many games as necessary, even if they are consecutive. Remember, starting pitchers aren't the only ones who pitch. Many times relievers and closers can play many games in a row, but starting pitchers still can pitch consecutive games if it is necessary. If there is any reason for the starting pitcher to play in a second consecutive game, he will more than likely pitch in relief for one or two innings.

What MLB team holds record for consecutive innings without a hit?

Any team that had an opposing pitcher throw a perfect game or no hitter

If a pitcher leaves the game with the bases loaded and the new pitcher hits the next two batters are the runs counted as earned runs against the first pitcher?

The original pitcher is responisible for any runners left on base when he leaves; so yes he gets the earned runs.

Are there any words in English with two consecutive stressed syllables?


Has any baseball pitcher struck out 27 consecutive batters?

yes there has in usa baseball a pitchter in a high school game in Ohio he's name is r.l eisenboch i don't know if its spelled right thought Not in MLB or the minor leagues. But there has been one pitcher that struckout 27 batters in a game. That was Ron Necciai who was pitching for the Bristol Twins of the Appalachian League in 1952. He was credited with 27 strikeouts in a 7-0 no-hitter he pitched against the Welch Miners. He did give up a walk and hit a batter in the game. Another batter reached base on a passed ball on a third strike. Necciai wound up striking out the next batter to record four strikeouts in an inning. The only two batters that hit the ball grounded out to the first baseman and reached base on an error.

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It's any set of consecutive integers that are composite. For instance, 8, 9, and 10 are consecutive composites.

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Any pair of consecutive integers is co-prime.

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