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In recent years Carlos Tevez and Owen Hargreaves have transferred from Manchester United to Manchester City. Sir Matt Busby (former Manchester United manager) used to play for Manchester City. Ryan Giggs was in the Manchester City youth academy before he joined the Manchester United academy and ironically has become a Manchester United legend.

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Q: Has any football player transferred from Manchester utd to Manchester city?
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Who is the highest paid player in Manchester City football club?


What are the names of the Holland's football player at Manchester city football club?

Manchester City have only one Dutch player: Nigel de Jong, a defensive midfield player who signed from Hamberg on January 2009. He's played thirty times for Holland.

Is Stuart Taylor still a player at Manchester city football club?

Yes, Stuart Taylor is one of the reserve goal keepers for Manchester City.

Who is Adam Johnson?

A left sided football player who plays for Manchester City

Who is first 100000 pound football player in English football?

Dennis Law (Scotland) was the first player to be transferred for 100,000 pounds in English Football, when he transferred from Manchester City to Torino in June 1961.Previously Jimmy Greaves signed for 99,999 pounds from AC Milan to Tottenham Hotspur because he didn't want to be the first 100,000 pound player.

Rule of on target shots in football?

It is when a manchester united player shoots at the goal and a manchester city defender gets in the way

How many football league teams are there in Manchester?

There are two football clubs in Manchester; Manchester United and Manchester City.

Are Manchester United based in city of Manchester?

Yes both Manchester United and Manchester City Football Club are located in the city of Manchester.

Players that have transferred from Manchester united to Manchester city?

Most recently, Carlos Tevez from United to no club to City.

Where is Manchester United from?

Manchester United Football Club is from the city of Manchester in England.

How many football teams has Manchester?

they have two Manchester city and Manchester united

Who was the Northern Ireland football player between 1994-2003 capped 45 times who played for Manchester city and west ham?

It is Steven Ireland who has left Manchester City now.

Which has won more football matches Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United have defifinately won more matches then Manchester City.

Which English football clubs spend the most on player salaries?

The clubs that spend the most on weekly salaries are Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Famous football player during the 1920?

Billy Meredith. He played right wing for Manchester United from 1906 to 1921, and for Manchester City from 1921 to 1924.

Which football team has the best football pitch in England?

Manchester city then manchester united then third blackburn

What is david walliams favourite football team?

Manchester City, he loves Aguero

Who has played for Manchester city football club and Manchester utd football club?

Carlos Tevez has recently moved to Man City from Man Utd.

Is porto football club better than Manchester city football club?

Manchester city beat Porto 4-0 last night

Wie viele berรผhmte FuรŸballteams gibt es in Manchester?

Es gibt zwei berühmte Fußballteams in Manchester: Manchester United und Manchester City. How many famous football teams are there in Manchester? There are two famous football teams in Manchester: Manchester United and Manchester City.

Who Is Better At Football - Arsenal Or Manchetser City?

Manchester City

What football team is better Manchester united or Manchester city?

man. u

Where online could one find information about Manchester City Football Club?

One can find information online about the Manchester City Football Club on sites such as Wikipedia, Stub Hub, and Facebook. The Manchester City Football Club also has their own website under the same name.

What is Manchester famous for?

Manchester is famous for its football teams (Manchester United and Manchester City) and for the amount of celebrities that live/stay there.