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Q: Has any basketball player played baseball?
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What is a ball player?

A ball player is a person who plays any form of ball game or sport, such as baseball or basketball.

Has any one athlete ever played three professional sports?

Jim Thorpe played professional baseball, football, and basketball (although the basketball team was not a member of the NBA).

Did Michael Jordan play baissbal?

Michael Jordan played basketball. He tried to play baseball, but, he wasn't any better than the average person playing baseball.

Training required to become a basketball player?

Where would you get any training or an education for basketball?

Can any basketball player tell the difference when shooting a basketball with different air pressure?

I can

Name any 1 Taurus basketball player which is very popular?

Isiah thomas was a good basketball player he is a taurus

Did Larry bird have any tallents?

he played basketball

Which baseball player holds the record for most teams played for?

Mike Morgan played for 12 franchises from 1978-2002, more than any other player.

What sport did Carl Crawford play?

There are many sports that Carl Crawford played. Carl Crawford was known for the sport of basketball. Carl Crawford has more triples than any other basketball player.

Do Teresa Edwards basketball player have any biological kids?


Name a very famous English football player?

Unlike Basketballl, Baseball, and Basketball, Football has not seen a great influx of non-American talent. There has yet to be an Engish player of any note.