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Not so far... but Kurt Warner may be the first.

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Q: Has any QB ever lead two different teams to the Super Bowl?
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Have Two brothers ever won Super Bowl with different teams?

Yes Eli and Peyton Manning.

Players to win 2 Super Bowls with 2 teams?

No quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. Craig Morton started for the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V and Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII, losing both games. He remains the only QB to lead both an NFC and AFC team to the Super Bowl. It wasn't until Super Bowl XLIII that another quarterback arrived at the Super Bowl with their second different team. In that game Kurt Warner led the Arizona Cardinals (in a losing effort) after previously leading the St. Louis Rams to Super Bowls XXXIV (win) and XXXVI (loss). Incidentally, while 5 different men have lead two different teams to the Super Bowl, no head coach has ever won Super Bowls with two different teams either. The head coaches that have led two different teams to the Super Bowl are: Don Shula (Colts and Dolphins), Dick Vermeil (Eagles and Rams), Bill Parcells (Giants and Patriots), Dan Reeves (Broncos and Falcons), and Mike Holmgren (Packers and Seahawks). All 5 coaches have Super Bowl rings. Shula, Vermeil, Parcells, and Holmgren got their rings by winning the Super Bowl as head coach, while Reeves got his ring playing for Dallas (Super Bowl VI champion).

Did Peyton Manning's dad ever win a Super Bowl?

No, not only did Archie Manning not win a Super Bowl but none of the teams he played for ever made the playoffs.

What were the first nlf teams to go to the first super bowl ever?

The Packers.

Will the Detroit Lions ever win a Super Bowl?

The chances of the Lions ever winning a Super Bowl are the same as any teams chances statistically speaking. There is always hope!

There are two undefeated teams so far this year - Colts and Saints. Has there ever been a Super Bowl where BOTH teams had a perfect season and faced each other in the Super Bowl?

No. But would it be cool if they did?

Has Hardy Nickerson ever played in a Super Bowl?

No. He was a member of 2 Steelers teams (1989, 1992), 2 Buccaneers teams (1997, 1999), and 1 Packers team (2002) that made the playoffs, but he never played in a Super Bowl.

Did winning teams in the super bowl ever get a trophy?

The winning team of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The franchise that wins the trophy typically maintains ownership of it, while the players receive super bowl championship rings to commemorate the occasion.

Has Warren Moon ever quarter backed in a Super Bowl?

No, Warren Moon never played on a Super Bowl team. He played on several teams that made the playoffs but none that made the Super Bowl. His record as a starting QB in playoff games was 3-7.

Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


Was the super bowl ever been won in over time?

No super bowl has ever went to overtime.

Did a women ever play a game in the Super Bowl?

No women ever played in a Super Bowl game.