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None that anyone seems to be able to cite.

Likewise, vice-versa: I don't think any team has failed completely by finishing at the bottom of the ladder one year, and then won a premiership the very next year.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-18 13:34:49
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Q: Has any Afl team won a premiership and then wooden spoon in consecutive years?
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Is there a rugby league team to get the wooden spoon then the premiership in consecutive years?

Yes...twice. The Sydney Roosters nearly did it again in 2010.

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The first team to win a premiership was Essendon in 1897. That was in VFL. The first team to win after the AFL formation was Collingwood, in 1990. However, St. Kilda were the first wooden spooners in 1897. ST. Kilda have enough wooden spoons to give to a whole team! ... to be precise: 26. Essendon won the first Premiership flag via a round robin-type season. (In those years, only 8 teams were playing: St. Kilda, Essendon, Carlton, Fitzroy, Collingwood, South Melbourne, Melbourne and Geelong.)

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