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No, an interim HC has never coached a Super Bowl team ... win or lose.

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2011-02-19 17:58:00
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Q: Has an interim coach ever won the super bowl?
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Who is the youngest head coach to ever coach in the Super Bowl?

Mike Tomlin

Did coach Mike Tomlin ever coach any other winning Super Bowl teams?

Mike Tomlin won Super Bowl XXXVII in January 2003 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a defensive backs coach.

What NFL Coach has the most NFL victories without ever winnning a Super Bowl?

The coach that coached entirely during the Super Bowl era who has the most wins without winning a Super Bowl is Marty Schottenheimer with 200 between 1984-2006.

Has any coach ever won the Super Bowl in his first year?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, that has happened twice: 1) Don McCafferty, Baltimore Colts - won Super Bowl V in his first year as head coach. 2) George Seifert, San Francisco 49ers - won Super Bowl XXIV in his first year as head coach.

Did the bears ever made it to the super bowl?

Yes, with coach Mike Ditka in the 80's

Who were the two assistant coaches from the Miami Dolphins who went on to win Super Bowls as head coaches?

No Miami Dolphin assistant coach has ever moved on from the team and won a Super Bowl title as the Head Coach of another franchise. In fact, no Mimai Dolphin assistant coach has ever brought another NFL franchise to the Super Bowl and lost as a head coach.

Has a rookie head coach ever gone to a Super Bowl?

George Siefert, San Francisco 49ers, won Super Bowl XXIV as a rookie head coach. Don McCafferty, Baltimore Colts, won Super Bowl V as a rookie head coach. Jim Caldwell of the Indianapolis Colts will bring his team to Super Bowl XLIV as a rookie head coach. Bill Callahan, Oakland Raiders, lost Super Bowl XXXVII to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Red Miller, Denver Broncos, lost Super Bowl XII to Dallas.

Who was the first head coach to lead his teams to six Super Bowl titles?

No NFL head coach has ever won six Super Bowl titles. Chuck Noll has won the most with four, all with the Steelers.

Did an NFL coach ever win a title as a player?

love smith won the super bowl i think

Who was the first ever losing coach in the super bowl game?

Hank Stram, Kansas City Chiefs.

Who was the losing coach in the first ever super bowl game?

Hank Stram, Kansas City Chiefs.

Have the New York Giants ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, first with QB Phil Simms then, with Jeff Hostetler , the coach was Bill Parcells. And their latest two Super Bowl victories were Super Bowl XLII played in 2008 and Super Bowl XLVI played in 2012. The Head coach was Tom Coughlin and the QB was Eli Manning.

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