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Yes, with coach Mike Ditka in the 80's

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โˆ™ 2011-09-25 22:00:48
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Q: Did the bears ever made it to the super bowl?
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What Super Bowl chamption made the Super Bowl shuffle famous?


Has a team ever made it to a super bowl when their city was hosting it?

As of Super Bowl XLVII, no.

Have the Houston Texans ever made it to the Super Bowl?


When Have the cardinals ever made it to the super bowl?


Was the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers ever in a super bowl game together?

No. They can't play in a Super Bowl against each other. Even if they made it to the playoffs, they'd have to go against each other prior to the Super Bowl knocking out the losing team.

Did falcon ever made it to the super bowl?

yes once

Did OJ Simpson ever play in a Super Bowl final?

No, OJ never played on a team that made the Super Bowl.

Have the Baltimore Ravens ever made it to a Super Bowl?

yes, they won the Super Bowl in the 2001 season. (or 2002, im unsure)

What were the Super Bowls that the Chicago Bears won?

The Bears have made it to the Super Bowl twice, with one win (the '85 team in Super Bowl XX, who beat the New England Patriots 46-10) and one loss (the '06 team in Super Bowl XLI. They were beaten by the Indianapolis Colts 29-17).

Did Peyton Manning's dad ever win a Super Bowl?

No, not only did Archie Manning not win a Super Bowl but none of the teams he played for ever made the playoffs.

What was the last year the bears made an appearance to the Super Bowl?

The made the superbowl in 2006 where they lost against the Indianapolis Colts.

How many times have the bears made Super Bowl playoffs?

They have made the playoffs 25 times with a record of 17-18.

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