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In the old alignment, when there were 3 wildcard teams from each conference, the "best" wildcard team would play their first game at home, but unless they happened to meet another wildcard team in a later round, then all subsequent games would be played away.

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Q: Has an NFL wild card team ever had home field advantage?
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Does wild card teams get home field advantage in baseball in division play?

No, the home-field advantage is only given to division winners in divisional play, even if the Wild-card team has a better record.

When was Home Field Advantage created?

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How is home field advantage determined in baseball playoffs?

During the first playoff games, home field advantage goes to the team who has the better win/loss record with the exception of the wild card team. Whichever team the wild card plays against will automatically have home field advantage because they are the division champions, even if the wild card team has a better win/loss record. During the Fall Classic (World Series), however, home field advantage is decided by the All-Star Game. Whichever league (American or National) wins the All-Star Game, it will be the league that gets home field advantage for the Fall Classic. This is the single-most important reason the All-Star Game is played.

What determines home field advantage in the NFL?

Home field advantage is given to one team in each conference with the most number of wins.

What two teams has the home field advantage of the entire playoffs in the super bowl?

The teams the have the highest seeds get home field advantage. During the playoffs the teams with the highest seeding after the season gets home field advantage throughout the postseason. In the Super Bowl, home field advantage alternates each year between the NFC and the AFC.

Has there ever been a team with home advantage in a Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XIV was played by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the L.A. Rams at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Largest turnout in a Super Bowl ever. That should count for home field advantage.

Did any team ever play the Super Bowl in their own town?

No, a team has never had "home-field advantage" during a Super Bowl.

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