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Q: Has an NFL head coach ever been fired before coaching a game?
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Which coach has been coaching the longest in the NFL?

The coach that has been coaching the longest in the NFL is Jeff Fisher who coaches the Tennessee Titans:).Kaaay?

What is the real name of Coach K?

Coach Michael William Krzyzewski or known as coach K. He has been coaching since 1974. He is famously known for coaching the Duke Blue devils. Coach has been in the business for 39 years.

Who is the current coach of the eagles?

Andy Reid, he has been coaching for them for the past 11 years.

How long has Jeff fisher been coach?

He has been an assistant coach since 1989 with the Eagles; he became a head coach in 1994 of the Oilers. He held the head coaching job until the end of the 2010 season.

What MLB coach has been fired by the same team twice?

Billy Martin who was fired multiple times by the New York Yankees

How long has mike shanahan coached?

Mike Shanahan has been coaching football since 1975 when he was an offensive assistant at the University of Oklahoma. He coached at several universities before he got his first NFL job as quarterback coach of the Denver Broncos in 1984. His first head coaching job was with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1988. He has been head coach of the Broncos since 1995.

Has an NFL coach been fired during a game?

good question and yes, in 1944 Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Rozbick was fired after heading into halftime down 45-3.

Has an NFL Coach ever been fired after a winning season?

Coaches with winning records have been fired. One example would be in 2006 head Coach Marty Schottenheimer lead the Chargers to a 14-2 record, before losing in the playoffs to the Patriots. With ownership questioning his ability to win in the playoffs, he was let go after the 2006 Super Bowl.

Who coached the Washington Redskins from 2002-2003?

Steve Spurrier. Washington posted a 12-20 record in those two years and Spurrier was fired. He later went on to coach the University of South Carolina football team, where he has been coaching since 2005.

Has an NFL head coach ever been fired during a season?

While it does not happen very often, it has happened before, the most recent coach is Dick Jauron who was fired after starting 3-9 this season. Mike Nolan was fired when he was half way through the season at 2-5 actually the most recent is Brad Childress the Vikings head coach Mike Singletary of the 49ers was the most recent, and it kind of does happen regularly.

Where is Mario Bailey coaching?

Mario Bailey was coach of his high school Franklin High School in Seattle he has sinced been replaced

Who is the new coach for the Dallas Cowboys?

Wade PhillipsCorrection:Wade Phillips was fired as the Cowboys head coach on Nov. 8, 2010. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has been named their interim head coach.

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