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Q: Has a referee ever sent off a whole team?
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How do you make a sentence with the word referee?

The referee called a foul on the team.

What is the best cricket team?

By latest rating of ever, India was the best team for the whole generation

If the ball ever rebounded off a referee during a match and goes into the net would the goal be awarded to the attacking team?

Yes, because the referee is part of the game and if the ball hits off the ref the ball is still in play.

Is there any refree in football team?

Football has a referee.

Who wins a football match if it's abandoned due to 5 people from 1 team been sent off?

According to the FIFA Laws of the Game, a team must have 7 players for a match to continue. As such, after 5 players are sent off, a team of 11 has logically dropped to an unsustainable number and the match must be abandoned. The winner is not determined by the referee. There referee reports the number of goals scored for each team and the league or competition authority decides who the winner is based on this information. It is entirely possible that if both teams had an excessive amount of misconduct that neither team would receive the win. I have seen this happen in local leagues.

Can you keep your ultimate team from NHL 11 to NHL 12?

I don't think you can keep your whole team, but you can have EA Pucks sent over to NHL 12.

To what school did ron cherry the football referee go?

Easy Answer. When it comes to Ron Cherry his allegiance lies with whichever team he has the most vested interest in. Think Vegas. He is easily the most corrupt and worst referee to ever step foot on the football field. (my opinion only)

Can an assistant referee issue a yellow card?

A yellow card is shown when a player is cautioned in a match. A player or substitute receiving two cautions in the same match is sent off, which is signaled by showing the player a red card. A player that is sent off may not be replaced (i.e., his team must "play short").

Are Liverpool the worst team ever?

Liverpool are the worst team in the whole world, even beating Chelsea in the pile of social mess. That is an achevment

Did magic Johnson ever play for a different team than the lakers?

No he played for the Lakers his whole career.

Has any AFL VFL team ever gone the whole season without a win?

No never, the lowest wins a team has had was Fitzroy with 1 win

What is a bench penalty in hockey?

if the coach does a penalty against the referee or the other team. if the coach mouth talks to much to a referee he could get a bench penalty