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Q: Has a batter ever switched sides of the plate during an at bat?
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Can a batter switch sides of the plate during the same at bat?

Switching Sides of PlateYou are not allowed to switch sides of the plate once the first pitch of the at bat has been delivered

Can a batter switch sides of the plate during the same at bat in slow pitch softball?


Which country switched sides in 1915?

The country that switched sides during the war was Italy. They became an allied power in 1915 during World War 1.

Can a batter who is a switch hitter change which side of the plate he hits from during a single at-bat?

noWrong!! The batter may switch sides of the plate as long as the pitcher is not on the rubber prepared to pitch. He could switch several times during the at-bat.

What would happen if a switch-hitter batted against a switch-pitcher?

This actually happened not long ago in a semi-pro game. The pitcher switched hands, so the batter switched sides of the plate. Then the pitcher switched back, as did the batter. This literally went on for a minute or so, before the umpire finally stepped in and made them play ball. It was humorous to watch.

Which country switched sides during world war 1 and why?


Which country switched sides during world war 1?


Who switched sides during the Mexican war of Independence?

Agustin de Iturbide.

What American hero switched sides during the revolutionary war?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the general that switched sides to help the British during the American Revolution?

Benedict Arnold.

Which of the following was not an outcome of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?

Russia switched sides during WWI

Who traded sides and why during world war 2?

Russia traded sides because Germany broke their treaty agreement and invaded. They switched to the Allies.

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