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no not thus far...I hope it will though! :)

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Q: Has a March Madness 1 seed ever lost to a 16 seed?
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Has a 1 seed ever lost to 16 seed in March Madness?

Nope, In the history of March madness a one see has never lost in the first round.

Has a 15 seed ever won march madness?

Apparently the lowest seed to ever win the March Madness tournament was an 8 seed. Villanova did it back in 1985.

What the lowest seed team to ever win march madness?


What is the lowest seed to ever win March Madness?

number 8 seed, Villanova, 1985

What is the farthest a 16 seed got in march madness?

A #16 seed has never beaten a #1 seed in March Madness.

What is the highest seeded team to ever win March Madness?

The number 1 seed.

What seed was george mason NCAA?

George Mason was an 11 seed in the 2006 March Madness and a 12 seed in the 2008 March Madness.

Has a 15 seed team ever won march madness?

No this is the first time a 15 seed has mad it to the sweet 16

Has a 15 seed team ever won mens March Madness?

No this is the first time a 15 seed has mad it to the sweet 16

What is highest seed to make it in final four for March Madness?


Last time 5 seed won March Madness?

It has never happened before.

What seed will Michigan be in for March Madness?

Probably a 3 but maybe a 4 but no higher than a 4

What seed was NC State when they beat Houston?

In March Madness 1983 when the Wolfpack defeated the Cougars in the finals, NC State was the #6 seed in the West Region.

Has a number 1 seed ever lost in the NCAA?


Has a 16 seed ever beat a 1 seed in March Madness?

No. However, #15 seeds have beaten #2 seeds six times, with the 2 most recent in 2012, Duke losing to Lehigh 70-75 and Norfolk St beat Missouri 86-84.

Has a 1 seed ever lost to and eight seed in the NCAA?

A #1 seed has beaten a #8 seed 37 out of 46 times (80.43%)

Did a number 1 seed ever lose to a number 16 seed in NCAA basketball?

A number one seed has never lost to a 16 seed.

What will be kansas' seed in the ncaa March Madness of 2010?

right now it is in the future but not because I'm a ku fan but by the way they've played this season i think they will be a #1 overall seed

What first seed NCAA team has not won one game in March Madness?

One seeds have always beaten the 16 seeds.

What is the lowest seed to ever make the championship game?

8 seed UCLA lost the championship game in 1980, but 8 seed Villanova beat Georgetown in 1985.

When was the last time 0 number one seeds made it to the final four?

As of the 2008 March Madness, that was 2006 when Florida (3 seed), UCLA (2 seed), George Mason (11 seed), and LSU (4 seed) made the Final Four. That also happened in 1980 when Louisville (2 seed), UCLA (8 seed), Purdue (6 seed), and Iowa (5 seed) made the Final Four.

What is the lowest seed to win March Madness?

The 1985 Villanova Wildcats (#8 seed) defeated the defending National Champions Georgetown Hoyas.

Who won the March Madness 2010?

In a very competitievematch-up,#1 seedDuke defeated Butler (a #5 seed) 61-59.

What was the score of the liberty university and university of North Carolina basketball game when university of North Carolina was a 1 seed and liberty university was a 16 seed in NCAA march madness?

71-51 North Carolina in the first round of the 1994 NCAA tournament.

How many times has a number four ranked team win the March Madness championship?

Through 2012, only Arizona (1997) won the championship as a #4 seed. (There were no seeds prior to the 1979 tournament.)