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No she left due to a knee injury but she is expected to come back


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Q: Has WWE diva layla been released or left?
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She Left For TNA

Why did WWE diva Candice Michelle stop working for the WWE?

Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle does no longer work for WWE for several reasons. In 2008 - 2009, Michelle returned to in-ring action in World Wrestling Entertainment - but during a Tag team bout, the Diva injured her left shoulder and tore her left scar tissue over her previously broken left clavicle In 2009 Candice Michelle was Drafted to Smackdown, but she never appeared on the Show - on June 19th of the same year, Michelle was Released from her WWE Contract.

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she faced her partner layla in a loser leaves wwe match at extreme rules in 2011 at she left wwe

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Maryse was with Duece and Domino when Cherry left them. Now she is just a regular mean diva.

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She left the WWE to take care of her sick daughter, the daughter is not dead!

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