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No, Vinny has never appeared in a Super Bowl.

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Q: Has Vinny Testaverde ever played in a Super Bowl?
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Has Vinny Testaverde ever won a Super Bowl?


Has vinny testaverde ever been on super bowl team?

No, Vinny was never on a team that played in the Super Bowl. The closest he came was in 1998 when he played for the Jets and took them to the AFC Championship game which the Jets lost to the Broncos.

Was vinny testaverde in a Super Bowl?

No. The closest Vinny got was the 1998 season AFC Championship game as starting QB of the New York Jets. The Jets lost that game to the Denver Broncos, 23-10.

Did Vinny Testaverde ever win a college bowl game?

No. Vinny was the starting QB in the 1986 Sugar Bowl (Tennessee 35, Miami 7) and the 1987 Fiesta Bowl (Penn State 14, Miami 10).

What back up quarter back has the most super bowl rings?

Vinnie Testaverde

When did the Denver Broncos lose in the Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos have lost four Super Bowl ...1978 Super Bowl played the Cowboys ...1987 Super Bowl played the Giants ...1988 Super Bowl played the Redskins ...1990 Super Bowl played the 49ers ...

How many Super Bowl's have been played in February?

Super Bowl XLIV will be the 8th Super Bowl played in February. The first was Super Bowl XXXVI and every Super Bowl since XXXVIII has been played in February.

How many Super Bowls have been played in feb?

Super Bowl XLIV will be the 8th Super Bowl played in February. The first was Super Bowl XXXVI played February 3, 2002. Every Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXXVIII has been played in February.

Which Super Bowl was played in 2009?

Super Bowl 43

Where was the Super Bowl played in 1987?

Super Bowl XXI was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 1987.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1940?

Super Bowl wasn't played in 1940. The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967.

Where was the 1970 Super Bowl played?

Super Bowl IV, or the Super Bowl in 1970, was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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