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Q: What back up quarter back has the most super bowl rings?
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Who has the most Super Bowl rings for a quarter back?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw each have four.

How many quarter backs have national championship rings and super bowl rings?


Was their a Rookie quarter back to win the Super Bowl?


When was the last 49er Super Bowl win?

Their last super bowl win was in 1995 with Steve Young as quarter back

Who was the pittspurgh quarter back in super bowl xiii?

Terry Bradshaw.

Who was the quarter back for the colts in Super Bowl five?

johnny unitis

Who has most super bowl rings Montana or young?

young has more super bowl rings

How many superbowl rings does Kevin faulk have?

New England Patriots tailback Kevin Faulk has three Super Bowl rings. He has rings from Super Bowl 36, Super Bowl 38 & Super Bowl 39.

Who was the quarter back of the winning team in the third Super Bowl?

Joe namath

Who was green bay quarter back in Super Bowl 31?

Brett favre

Who was the quarter back for the panthers when they lost to the patriots in the super bowl?

Jake Delhomme.

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have 5 Super Bowl rings?

No. The Steelers have won six Super Bowl rings.