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No, he still trails Jack Nicklaus who has 18 major wins. Tiger only has 14.

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Q: Has Tiger Woods set the record for the most majors won in the history of golf?
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How many majors have Tiger Woods won in 09?

Tiger Woods didn't win a major championship in 2009.

How many majors did Tiger Woods play in 2007?

He played in all of them.

What Tournaments paid Tiger Woods to enter?

Tiger Woods is basically paid huge appearance fees for playing at every event apart from The Majors and WGC events.

What is Tiger Woods famous for?

Tiger Woods is famous for being arguably the greatest golfer who has ever walked the earth. He has 92 professional wins, including 14 majors.

How many pro tournaments has tiger woods missed the cut on?

In his professional career, Tiger Woods has missed two majors, 2008 Open Championship and 2008 PGA Championship.

How many major wins has Tiger Woods won?

27/6/09- 14 majors.

How many majors have tiger and Jack won between them?

32, Nicklaus 18 Woods 14.

Who set the golfing record in 2001?

Tiger Woods

How has Tiger Woods changed golf?

He's won lots of Majors and even more other tournaments.

What was Tiger woods most important tournement?

All 4 majors would hold equal importance for him.

What caddie has won the most major golf tournaments?

Steve Williams (Tiger Woods's former caddy). With Tiger, he won 13 majors tournaments.

What is the world's record for 100-meter sprint?

Tiger Woods