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I believe not.

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Q: Has Tiger Woods ever won a major when trailing after 3 days?
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Who is more famous Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan?

It depends how you define "famous", but Tiger Woods in on TV more these days, so I'd say Tiger Woods

How did Tiger Woods get the name Tiger?

Tiger's dad gave him the nickname after a Vietnamese soldier that he knew from his Army days who was also nicknamed Tiger.

Who tought Tiger Woods to golf?

In the very earliest days, his father Earl Woods taught him, then Rudy Duran was his first real coach.

Who is the youngest winner of the masters golf tournament?

Tiger Woods, was 21 years 104 days when he won it in 1997.

How often does Tiger Woods train?

6 days a week; early times; now 4 days a week; 8 to 4pmPlease see related link.

Youngest golfer to win The Masters?

Tiger Woods, who was 21 years, 3 months, 14 days old when he won in 1997

Did Tiger Woods have any problems affecting his career?

The main thing holding Tiger Woods back is his driving ability, it is loose at the best of times. The other thing that held him back was his knee surgery in 2008. In his amateur days he experienced racism at numerous courses and events.

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