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i think this is his first time

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Q: Has Sidney Crosby ever been in the Olympics before?
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How many times has Sidney Crosby been in the Olympics?

only one counting these Olympics

What team has Sidney Crosby been on?

he has been on on rimouski in the QJMHL

How many fights has Sidney Crosby been into?


How long has Sidney Crosby been a hockey player?

since he was 5

How many years has Sidney Crosby been playing?

5 years

How long has Sidney Crosby been captin for the Penguins?

Since 2007

How many peewee hockey teams has Sidney Crosby been on?


How long has Sidney Crosby been in the team Pittsburgh penguins?


How long did Sidney Crosby been playing for the Pittsburgh penguins?

4 seasons

What teams did Sidney Crosby play for?

Sidney Crosby has only played for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He will probably never leave that team cause he has done so much with them and has been involved with team owner Mario Lemieux

Is Sidney Crosby engaged?

No, never dated his whole life. Sidney Crosby has been dating an older woman named Gabriela Sten. This is why it was hidden for so long but they recently broke up. He is NOT gay though.

Does Sidney Crosby help the community?

Yes, he and other Pittsburgh Penguins have been to Children's Hospitals.

When did Sidney Crosby become captain?

hes been captain for 3-4 years now

Why are Sidney Crosby rookie cards worth so much more than Alex Ovechkin rookie cards?

I'd have to say it's because Sidney Crosby has been way more impressive in his career so far. You don't hear about Ovechkin a whole lot any more cause he isn't doing anything spectacular. Crosby on the other hand, became the youngest captain to win the the Stanley Cup, he has won a gold medal with Team Canada in the Olympics, and when he stays healthy, Crosby puts up more points than Ovechkin.

How long Sidney Crosby played for Pittsburgh Penguins?

hes been on the penguins for 4 years, he started in 2005

How long has sidney crosby been in the NHL?

Five seasons. His first game was October 5th, 2005.

What is the sexual orientation of Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby has been dating woman named Gabriela Sern. She is an actress and model. This is why it was hidden for so long but they recently broke up. She was pregnant with his child and wanted to marry but he offered her money and they broke up. She miscarried the baby. He is NOT gay though.

How long has Sidney Crosby been playing in the NHL?

Five seasons. His first game was October 5th, 2005.

What is a baby Crosby?

Many different street lingo terms have been created these days. It is phase used to describe Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Since it is an opinion, some agree and soem don't.

When is Sidney Crosby going to play again?

Crosby is suffering from the post symptoms of a concussion. Which means no one exactly knows when he'll return. His progress has been slow, and there are no guarantees he'll be back before the end of the season. Penguin fans and hockey fans alike can only hope his progression helps him to a full recovery before the start of next season.

Have the winter Olympics been held in Bulgaria?

Has the Olympics been held in bulgaria before

Is Sidney Crosby dating anyone?

Dispite the blonde he's been seen with, he's believed to be single, loving it, and dating many people, but nothing serious.

Is Sidney Crosby looking for a girlfriend?

lol keep dreamin honey... Yes and he has been doing a lot of looking. I mean a lot of looking!

Is Sidney Crosby traveling with the team even though he's not playing?

yes he is because now he's been cleared to practice and travel with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Does Sidney Crosby play any other sports than hockey?

It has not been said that he plays any other sports, but right this moment he jut plays hockey cause that's his job