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Q: Has Romania got 2nd or 3rd in the rugby world cup before?
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What is south Africa's rugby world ranking?

at the moment 2nd

What is the 2nd biggest building in the world?

i dont know what it is called but it is in romania

Is Romania wealthy?

Romania used to be a wealthy European state before the 2nd World War. Situated in SE Europe, Romania is a developing country and a place of interest for many foreigners. In 2007, Romania was accepted as a full EU member state. Romania has made steady economic progress in the past 20 years, after the fall of the communist regime.

How many rugby world cup semifinals have England been in?

Four 1991 (2nd) 1995 (4th) 2003 (champion) 2007 (2nd)

How popular is rugby all over the world?

Supposedly, third? most watched after soccer (of course), and the Olympics. But I'm not positive. Rugby is the 2nd most popular sport in the world statistically in support and participation followed by cricket and then tennis. The Rugby World Cup is the 3rd largest sporting event in the world behind the Olympics and Soccer World Cup.

What is the 2nd favorite sport in the world?

basketball or rugby.. i would say probably American football because soccer is loved by most of the world

What is the richest SA rugby Union?

Blue bulls rugby union...with western province at 2nd

What is Romania famous for?

Famous for the gorgeous plentiful women, Dracula, amazing food and liquors, the 2nd largest building in the world, and parties.

Who were allies with Germany during the 2nd world war?

During the second World War, Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria formed the Axis powers.

What is the 2nd most popular sport in France?

rugby i think

How did Romania go from a weak armed forces to the second strongest armed forces in World War 2?

The assumption that Romania was at any time "the 2nd strongest armed forces in World War 2" is wrong. The following countries were all way ahead of Romania militarily in World War 2: # Germany # Britain # The U.S. # The Soviet Union # Japan Yes I agree. Where did you get that statistic? I wonder if the question is based on a confusion of Romania with some other country, perhaps Russia??

How many cinemas were in England before the 2nd World War?

there were 3,80000,08753647848884

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