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Q: Has Nicholas Anelka played for Newcastle or Sunderland?
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Which player as played in a Manchester and a merseyside and a north east and a London derby?

Paul Stewart (Man City; Liverpool; Sunderland; Tottenham).

Who has played for Liverpool and arsenal?

Nicholas Anelka anyway

For what is Nicholas Anelka famous for?

Nicholas Anelka is a famous football (soccer) striker, who mainly played in European leagues. He played for big soccer teams such as Arsenal and Real Madrid.

Who played in Madrid London and Merseyside derby?

Nicholas anelka

Arsenal players who have played for Chelsea?

One such player is Nicholas Anelka.

What foreign player has played for 6 different clubs?

Nicholas anelka

Who has played for the most Premiership clubs?

Anelka ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER CITY, BOLTON and now he might join Chelsea so... Probably Andy Cole - he played for Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and now for Sunderland - 7 out of the 20 teams

Players who played for Newcastle sunderland and middlesbrough?

The following players have played for Sunderland, Newcastle United and Middlesbrough ;Stan Anderson

Who has played for both Liverpool and arsenal?

Only Nicholas Anelka that I can think of from recent times.

Which player has played in the Manchester derby the instanbul derby and the Liverpool derby?

Nicholas Anelka

Who Played for both Sunderland and Newcastle 1960s?

ivor brodios, bob mccay, pop Robinson

Which 5 players have played in the Manchester derby merseyside derby and won the champions league?

Paul Gascogine has played in the North London derby (for Spurs v Arsenal), Merseyside derby (for Everton v Liverpool), the Glasgow derby (for Rangers v Celtic), and Tyne-Tees derby (for Middlesbrough v Newcastle) and the Tees-Wear derby (for Middlesbrough v Sunderland).