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Q: Has Michael Jordan ever worn number 21?
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What number has Michael Jordan worn?


Which sports players have worn the number 24?

Michael Jordan

Which number had been worn by both Michael Jordan and david beckam?


What was Michael Jordans numbers?

Michael Jordan's number was 23, for olympic dream team he was worn 9 and after the retirement he used 45 for quite some time..

Which number shirt has been worn by both Michael Jordan and David Beckham?

When David Beckham joined Real Madrid, he chose the number 23 shirt because of his admiration for Michael Jordan.

What famous athletes have worn number 23?

the answer is that i only know 1 player in nba he is called michael jordan

What is a good basketball jersey number Need a?

23 was worn by Michael Jordan and is currently worn by Lebron James, although he is going to change his number to 6 next season. Six was worn by Julius Erving as well. Kobe Bryant worn 8, but changed it to 24.

Why is Le Bron James going to number 6?

LeBron has decided to wear the number 6 jersey as he feels that in respect, no one should wear the number 23 that was worn by the great Michael Jordan

Why did Michael Jordan wear number 45?

After Jordan retired the first time to pursue a career in professional baseball, the Chicago Bulls retired his #23 jersey. When Jordan returned to the NBA in the 1994-95 season he wore #45, the number he'd worn as a member of the Birmingham Barons, and the number his older brother had worn in high school (Jordan had wore the 23 because it was roughly half the number of his brother). After a conference loss to the Orlando Magic, Jordan purchased his trademark #23 back from the Bulls, and by the 1995-96 season, the trademark #23 was back.

Did Michael Jordan wear 45 for the bulls?

Yes. When Jordan returned to the NBA in the 1994-95 season (with a two-word release: "I'm back") he wore #45, the number he'd worn as a member of the Birmingham Barons, rather than his trademark #23. Jordan had originally worn #23 in high school because it was roughly half of 45, the number his older brother Larry wore, and he'd later worn the 45 his senior year of baseball. By the 1995-96 season, Jordan had switched back to #23. Source:

How much are signed Michael Jordan game worn shoes worth?

Michael Jordxan game worn shoes signed are probably roughly worth $3,000, to $5,000 dollars, depending on the shoe.

Which basketball players have worn the number 9 besides Rajon Rondo of the Celtics and Tony Parker of the Spurs?

Michael Jordan wore it for the USA team. Also his teammate on the Bulls, Ron Harper, was number 9.

What number was Jordan Staal when he joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL?

Jordan has worn only number 11 throughout his entire NHL career.

What famous players have worn the number 45?

Pedro Martinez of the Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) wears the number 45. Michael Jordan wore 45 during the 1994-1995 season... he later switched back to his previous number.

How much is an authentic Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey worn by him in the NBA finals worth?

game worn jerseys from "normal" players are anywhere from 500-1000. game worn Jordan would probably push 1500-2000, and game worn finals jersey? most likely double that.. you're lookin at about in the area of 5 grand

Which number shirt has David Beckham and Micheal Jordan both worn?


What did Michael Jordan do with his worn game shoes?

he ate them. yep, he ate em'. no lie. he claims it gave him more "ups".

How much is an authentic signed game worn bulls Michael Jordan shorts worth?

roughly around 500,000 to 10,000,000

Has any other chicago bulls player worn the numbers 12 and 23 and 45?

Nobody besides Michael Jordan.

What famous soccer players have worn number 84?

The number 84 is not a particularly common shirt number. No player who is particularly famous has ever worn it.

Who has worn number 73 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Michael irvin

Did any NY Yankee ever wear the number zero?

No Yankee has ever worn uniforn number 0

Lowest number ever worn in baseball?


Who has worn number 75 for the New York Yankees?

According to, no Yankee has ever worn #75.

Why are Jordan shoes so popular?

Because the man behind the shoe is Michael Jordan. Also basketball shoes can be worn on the court and during daily activities. All other footwear from major sports cannot be worn around town. For exampe, you cant wear a metal baseball spikes to school.