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Kansas State has never won a NCAA Tournament

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Q: Has Kansas State won any NCAA tournaments?
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How many ncaa national championships were won by the University of Kansas football team?

The Kansas Jayhawks have not won any National Championships in football.

What is the names of the state that calls Kansas City as its capital?

Kansas City is not the capitol of any state.

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Why is Kansas sometimes called the Breadbasket state?

Because Kansas produces more wheat than any other state.

Kansas City is the capitol of what state?

Kansas City is not the capitol of any state. In general, when people refer to Kansas City, they are referring to the metropolitan area that spans two states - Kansas and Missouri. There is a Kansas City, Kansas and a Kansas City, Missouri.

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Boise State Broncos and Boise for NCAA

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Has any NCAA men's basketball team ever won the trifecta winning their conference winning their conference tournament and winning the national championship?

Michigan State shared the 2000 regular season Big Ten championship with Ohio State. Ohio State was stripped of their title due to NCAA sanctions. The Spartans then went on the win the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA tournamen. In 2008, Kansas won the regular season Big 12 title and followed it with the Big 12 tournament championship and the NCAA championship, when it defeated Memphis 75-68 in overtime.

I would like the scores of any FSU vs Kansas football game?

As of the 2008 season, Florida State and Kansas have met 7 times with Florida State winning 5 times: 1971 - Florida State 30, Kansas 7 1972 - Florida State 44, Kansas 22 1973 - Kansas 28, Florida State 0 1974 - Kansas 40, Florida State 9 1984 - Florida State 42, Kansas 16 1985 - Florida State 24, Kansas 20 1993 - Florida State 42, Kansas 0

What is is grown more in Kansas than any other state?


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