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unlike Celtic who have


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Q: Has Glasgow rangers ever appeared in a champions league final?
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When was rangers football clubs first champions league?

Glasgow Rangers have never won the Champions League.

How many scottish teams to qualify for champions league 2011?

I think it is two, and it is Celtic and Glasgow rangers each year.

Who is the best in the Scottish league?

Glasgow Rangers

Who won the Scottish premier league 2008?

Glasgow Rangers beat Queen of the South to win the Scottish Cup in 2009.

Which player has won 3 champions leagues and 1 fa cup?

giovanni van brockhurst, scottish league with Rangers, Premiership with Arsenal and Champions league with Barcelona. Steven. Glasgow.

When was rangers last champions league win?


Team with Most league championships?

Glasgow rangers with 53

What European competitions do Glasgow Celtic play in?

Both Celtic and Glasgow Rangers play in the Scottish league.

What team has won scottish league cup the most?

The top two teams in Scotland are Celtic with 34 titles and Glasgow Rangers.

What league is lent rise rangers in?

First let me ask, is it Glasgow Rangers then it is football club in Scotland. If it is Texas Rangers then it is Baseball.

What is the largest traveling support for a champions league match?

The largest travelling away support for a champions league match was 25000 who were Rangers FC

How many Glasgow Celtic players have won champions league after leaving Celtic?