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Q: Has Colorado State University ever won a national football championship?
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What has the author David Plati written?

David Plati has written: 'University of Colorado national championship, 1990' -- subject(s): Boulder University of Colorado, Football, Orange Bowl, Miami, Fla. (Football game)

Has the University of Maine football team ever won a National Championship?

The Maine Bears have never won a National Championship in football.

When was the last time 2 teams won the national football championship?

In 1990 Georgia Tech and Colorado shared the national championship.

Who has the most AP football national championship?

University of Alabama

Did the badgers ever win national championship?

According to the College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team has not yet won a national championship.

Has University of Colorado ever won a national football championship?

Yes, the University of Colorado has won one national championship and that was in 1990. That was a "split" year. Georgia Tech got the other one. That was also the year of the infamous "fifth down" the buffs were given by a mistaken officiating crew that kept a drive alive and enabled the buffs to "beat" Missouri.

How many times has the University of Florida played for a National Championship in football?


How many national championship University of Miami has won in college football?


Who won the NCAA college football championship in 2007?

Lousiana State University beat Ohio St. University for the National Championship.

In what sports did the University of Florida win a National Championship?

football(1996,2006,2008) and basketball(2006,2007

Which team won NCAA football national championship 2008?

Lousiana State University

What year did the University of Notre Dame win their first national championship in football?