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Yes kelly kelly and JoJo

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Q: Had randy orton ever dated a wwe diva?
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Did Randy Orton ever dated outside his race?

i think so

Does kelly kelly date Randy Orton?

Randy and Kelly never ever dated in real life it was storyline for the show only. Randy is married to Samantha.

Randy Orton will ever turn on legacy or legacy ever turn on Randy Orton?

Yes he turned on legacy.

What is the relation between Randy Orton and Tiffany Orton?

There is no relationship between Randy Orton and Tiffany Orton, he has never ever heard of Tiffany Orton. He is married to Samantha.

Did Randy Orton ever cheat on Samantha?


Will Randy Orton ever be a goody?


Has sheamus ever defeated Randy Orton?


Did Randy Orton ever have a erection in a match?

Yes He Did

Did Randy Orton ever kiss kelly kelly?


Has Randy Orton ever defeated the Undertaker?


Have Kane and Randy Orton ever fought?


Did torrie Wilson ever go with Randy Orton?

no they did not

Has John Cena ever kissed Randy Orton?

no not at all

Did maryse and Randy Orton ever go out?

No. By the time Maryse joined, Randy was already married.

Who is better randy or brock?

The viper randy Orton is the best because he is the youngest ever world champion and he has a legend father cowboy bob Orton

Will john cena and Randy Orton ever be tag team champs?

Randy Orton and john cena are enemy's so they will never team up

Has Batista ever beat Randy Orton?

Yes, many times

Did Randy Orton ever helped john cena in WWE?


Does John Cena has a girlfriend on WWE diva?

John Cena is not dating a diva at this time. the only Diva he has ever dated was Mickie James.

Was Randy Orton ever a fan Favorite?

Yes About 2 years ago

Has anyone ever did the tombstone on undertaker?

Kane Randy Orton Armageddon (2005)

Did The Undertaker ever lose to Randy Orton?

yes in the 2009 slammy awards

Has Triple H ever beaten Randy Orton?

Yes, Wrestlemania 25

Will john cena ever get another title shot at Randy Orton?

if orton beats sheamus at the royal rumble orton will face cena in a wwe championshipmatch

Did Randy Orton get bit by a viper?

There is little to no evidence anywhere that Randy Orton has ever gotten bitten by any type of snake. Randy Orton is nicknamed 'The Viper' due to his agility in ring as he moves with speed and sneaks up on his opponents, similar to the abilities of a Viper.