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362880 ways.


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Q: HOW many ways can a 9 man baseball batting order be configured?
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How many batters are in a batting order?

A batting lineup or batting order in baseball consists of nine players. The order of the batting order is determined by the manager of each team and can change during the game if the manager replaces players. In Major League Baseball (MLB) the American League (AL) employs a Designated Hitter (DH) rule in which another player (not among the nine field players) can bat in the place of one of the fielders, usually in place of the pitcher. The National League (NL) does not employ this rule.

What is the meaning of the word configured?

Configured is a term used in many ways. A person can define this word as the arrangements of parts in a given structure. For example the way computers are configured.

Is cell phone a parallel circuit?

There are many sections in the circuitry of a cellphone that are configured in parallel. There are also many others, in the same phone, that are configured in series.

When would a PC need to be configured?

When it is new it will initially be configured. When a new operating system is installed, it will be configured. Installing some software or changing some settings may require a little re-configuring. If you are chaning the country settings, for example. If the computer is being connected to a network it may need to be configured. If it is being upgraded it may be configured. If it is having a complete change in usage, maybe as a server instead of a client it may be configured. So there are many reasons when a computer would be configured.

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What math do athletes use?

Baseball players have to figure out there batting average. Baseball pitchers have to count how many pitches they do, there is a limit.

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How many batters are in a baseball game?

A batting 'line up' consists of nine batters.

How many passengers can fly in airbus 380?

Depending on how it is configured from 525 to 853

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How many player have career batting average over .300?

In the history of Major League Baseball as of 2009 there are 202 players with a career batting average of .300 or better.

How many balls does a baseball batter need in order to get walked?


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if they are in the same channel is only one.

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show ip int brief

What happens to an old baseball?

The inside (or guts) of a baseball is just string overlapped many times. When the covering comes off of the baseball, you can but hockey tape over them to use for batting practice. I hope that helps.

How many seats does a canadair regional jet 700 have?

Depends on how the airline has it configured, but 60-70 seats.

How many possible batting orders are there?

The answer depends on which sport you are talking about. The number of players on a team differs from cricket to baseball, for example.

How many VLANs can be configured on a Catalyst switch?

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 can support up to 1005 VLANs locally.

Do baseball gloves protect your hands from blisters?

Baseball gloves do protect your hands with blisters, this is why many baseball players wear the gloves for long games in order to protect their hands.

If a baseball player has 1000 at bats in a season and he receives no walks how many hits would be needed to have .300 batting percentage?


How many batting gloves does a baseball player use in a year?

In the MLB, players get new batting gloves every day. 162 * 2 = 324 Roughly 320 batting gloves because players do not play every game.