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Yes, you are allowed to do so. It used to be very common in the early days of the game, and was very common in the 40's 50's 60's and 70's. The problem is though, they used to do it with bullseye type putters, today we have mallet and blade putters which are a lot chunkier so watch you don't hit the ball. But it is legal.

But now, you get a one stroke penalty for doing it.

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Q: Grounding putter in front of the ball?
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What is a sentence for putter?

His putter and driver are missing from his golf bag.He tapped the ball gently with his putter and it went into the hole.

What makes a golf ball bounce of a putter?

its all inside the ball

Who makes the best putter?

When choosing a putter its personal preference. here are a list of top quality putters: Scotty Cameron Studio Style Putter, Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball, Odyssey DFX 2- Ball Blade, Ping G2i Craz-E Putter,Callaway I Trax Putter, and Taylor Made Rossa CGB Putter.

What sport needs putter?

Golf needs a putter. It is a club used when close to the hole to tap the ball in.

Why must a putter face be perfectly flat?

A putter face must be flat so when you hit the ball it goes where you want it to go. If you are referring to loft, a putter has about 3-4 degrees of loft, this is because this loft gives the ball the most consistent roll.

When do you use a putter for golf?

You would use a putter when you are on the green, or just off the green to roll the ball into the hole (well that's the plan!)

What is designed for hitting a golf ball shorter distances on the green?


What does grounding the ball mean in rugby?

Grounding the ball occurs when the attacking player places the ball down on the opposing sides try line or in goal area to score a try. The ball must be "grounded" in a controlled manner with the hand for the score to stand

How do you putt in golf?

You hit the ball with a putter, normally on the green, and try to roll it into the hole.

Would a little chip out of the putter face affect the roll of the golf ball?


In Golf are you allowed to hit the ball with a putter in the Sand Trap?

Yes, but why you would do so is beyond me.

What does putt mean in golf?

When a player is on the green, they will putt the ball towards or into the hole. A putter is used.