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they never had or have a mascot

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Q: Green Bay Packers first mascot
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Who is the packers mascot?

The Green Bay Packers do not have a mascot.

What is the origin of the Green Bay Packers mascot?

The Green Bay Packers hold many distinctions including being owned by the citizens of the city. They are also one of the few professional teams that do not have a mascot.

How do you use mascot in a sentence?

Green Bay Packers' mascot is a cheese head. The mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs is a wolf.

Why is a cheese head Green Bay Packers mascot?

Wisconsin is the state most associated with cheese and green bay is in Wisconsin

What is the mascot of the Green Bay Packers?

cheese head no,no.the packer fans wear cheese heads to support the packers.thepackers have no mascot. the green bay packers do NOT have a mascot, they used to but not now, I think someone should apply for that position... heck, Maybe I will! LOL but NO they don NOT have a mascot!

Who was the Green Bay Packers mascot?

Packy Pack PackerThey don't have a mascot now, but their old mascot was Packy Pack Packer.

Do the Green Bay Packers have a mascot?

Not a set person or animal. the "Packers" is after packing companies in Green Bay. But a well known symbol is the "Cheesehead" And many people wear them at football games.

Who is the Green Bay Packers mascot?

None now, was Packy Pack PackerThe Green Bay Packers do not have a mascot. But as a kid I remember them having a mascot. His name was Packy Pack Packer. He was your typical big plush mascot. Wearing a Packer football helmet, Packer apron and holding some big sausages.

Where are Green Bay Packers from?

The Green Bay Packers are from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

What was the Green Bay Packers first team name?

Acme Packers

What was the first year the Green Bay Packers played?

1919. The Green Bay Packers began playing football in 1919.

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