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You should probably use a regular shaft because that is quite a moderate swing speed.

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Q: Got a 80 mph swing what driver shaft do you need?
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Got a 97 mpg swing what driver shaft do you need?

97 Miles per hour is quite a fast swing speed. You should go anfd get custom fit and see what they say. I would think that you would be told to get at least a stiff, if not an extra stiff. It is completely up to you what type of shaft you get.

What does intermediate flex mean for golf drivers?

Means the stiffness of the shaft. It is for slower swing speeds. However I tend to reverse that thinking. Rather than matching a shaft flex to benefit a swing speed I match shafts to prevent damage to a swing. Anyone can swing a stiff flex and suffer no real ill effects. The worst that can happen is that you are accurate and maybe a bit shorter (not much) However not everyone can use a whippy shaft flex. The balls will be sprayed all over the place. I bought a Driver on ebay that had an intermediate flex. I sprayed balls to the right and even got a slice back that I had not seen in years. After a few trips on the course it was enough of the intermediate flex. I removed it today and replaced it with a regular flex.

You got a 97mph golf swing what flex shaft should you use?

Stiff flex would be ideal. But you could try x-stiff to see which one is best for you.

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What swing speed am I. I hit a 7 iron about 145 yards and I'm 13 years old. I think my club shafts are not stiff enough but i need to know my swing speed in order to buy new shafts. Should i get steel?

I cannot tell you what swing speed you have, as there are a lot of factors which determine a swing speed. What I would say to you, is go to your local golf shop or pro that has a launch monitor and get custom fit, it is free and very effective. But, if you cannot do this, I would say your swing speed is between 85-90 mph and should therefore get regular shafts. Steel is also ideal for you. It depends why you think you need stiff? You are still young, and the only tell tale sign you should get stiff is if you are hitting the ball left (this is an indication you are swinging faster than the shaft allows the club head to square). On the other hand, if you got stiff and were hitting it right it would be an indication the shafts are too stiff.

What should a golfer do first or get fitted for golf clubs or take lessons?

The best thing to do is to get your lessons, this is because custom fitted clubs will be made for your swing. If you swing the club quite fast, and you got fitted, you may get stiff shafts, and then you got a lesson and your professional said, slow your swing down, then the stiff shafts may not be the best for your game. Also if you hold you hands low and got fitted they would give you clubs with a flatter lie angle, but if your professional got you to raise your hands up slightly the clubs will cause you to block it. I would recommend getting your swing in shape and then get clubs fitted when you are satisfied and can consistently repeat the same swing.

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