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My son is 9.5 years old and does 21.5 seconds, he is pretty good at his class

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Q: Good time for 10 year old boy 25 meters freestyle?
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What is the average time for a 10 year old to do 50 meters freestyle?

Well, it depends on how hard and how many times a week they train. I have a 10 year old brother who swims 50 metres freestyle in 33 seconds, but he is a regional qualifier and is rather good for his age.

What is the average swimming time for 50m freestyle for 12 year boy in Singapore?

A good time would be 29 seconds.

What is the average for 6 year old girl to do 50 meters freestyle?

150 seconds

I ma a 14 year old girl and in a 25 yard pool is a 27 an ok time for a 50 freestyle?

27 seconds is a great time for a 50 freestyle. your time also depends on wether your a competitive swimmer or not if you are not you should be! dats a pretty good time! check for the a, aa, aaa, aaaa times if your a competitive swima!

What is good time for 200 meters for a 13 year old boy?

I'd say about 27 seconds

What is the average swimming time for 50m freestyle 10 year boys?

35 to 40 secs or look at this and decide how good you want to be.

What is the record for the 12 year old freestyle 100?

her name is m.masselie Sheridan her time is 59.98 she is Australian

What is the average 25 meter 9 year old swim time in freestyle?

I think anything under 30 seconds is pretty good.

In what year did dawn fraser win consecutive 100km freestyle?

in what year did Dawn Fraser won consecutive 100m freestyle gold

What year was the Reebok Freestyle launched?

1982. The Reebok Freestyle is celebrating the 25th Anniversary in 2007.

Is 18 mins 45 seconds a good time for a man age 37 to run 5000 meters in?

That's a pretty good time, I would say.Most 37 year old's won't be near that time.

What is the average time for a 8 year old boy to do the 50m freestyle?

My 8 year old son just swam it in a minute and 5 seconds