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Well, you see! The speed for a 17-year old boy is simply faster, right? So the speed is 21.6km/hr!

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Q: Good speed for 100m and 200m 17 year old boy?
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i wishs i run 9.01 seconds in the 100m next year and 200m 18.93 seconds next year

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i wish i run 9.01 second in the 100m next year and the 200m 18.93

What is a good time for an 8 year old boy in the 200m?

what is the average speed of an 8 year-old at running

For a 13 year old is a 13.04 good 100m dash?


what is a 13 year old average time for 100 meters hurdles?

Well mine is 14.00s and was the first time I had done hurdles, normally a high jumper or 100m-200m sprinter. Been told by my teachers I should focus on 100m-110m Hurdles now though. Sorry if this isn't much help, I don't know the average times for 100m hurdles only my own.

Is 12.4 a competitive time for a boy just tend 15 year old boy for the 100m sprint?

its an ok time. i'd say it is abit better than average, but to run competitively it is just good enough but if you wish to go further in 100m its not fast enough. im the same age as you and my pb is 11.00s and i just missed out in qualifying to run nationally that's why i have moved to 200m.

What is a good 100 meter dash time for a 5 year?

i am 15 years old i my pesonal beast is 11.3 but i am better at 200m where i get 22.8 because i maintain the speed whilst every one gets tired :P

What is the Fastest time for a 13 year old athlete in a 200 meter race?


What is a good time for a 10 year old to run 100 meters?

i would say a good 100m time for a 10 year old boy is around 16-17secs. I am an 11 year old girl and ran the 100m in 15.9 secs.

If you run the 100 meter dash in 12.7 seconds how fast are you going?

americans and other people are slow (except jamaicans). in jamaica right now a 12 year old is running 10.80 and he is jogging and running 22 flat in the 200m. and im running 25 flat in 200m and 12 flat in the 100m

What is a good time for the 100m sprint at 10 years old?

15 seconds would probably be good for a 10 year old, or maybe in the 14s.

What is the average time for a 11 year old girl in 100m?

I do 14:89 but 15 or 16 seconds is also good