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Monday - Chin Ups 5x5 - Squats 5x5 - Deadlift 5x5. Tuesday - Rest. Wednesday - Squats 4x6 - Deadlift 4x6 - Military Press 4x6. Thursday - Rest. Friday - Chin Ups 4x6 - Squats 3x10 - Deadlift 3x10. Saturday - Rest. Sunday - Rest. Start Routine Again. Change Routine Every Month.

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Q: Good muscle building routine
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Related questions

What is the best total gym workout routine?

A good gym workout routine will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. For weight loss, you may want to stick with cardio classes, while for muscle building you should do some strength training.

What are the best vitamins and minerals to enhance a body building routine?

Any vitamins or minerals that promote building muscle mass and bone strength are good products. Food supplements containing protein and iron are another way to enhance one's bodybuilding programs.

Is swimming good for gaining weight and building muscle?

Building muscle yes, but since it is also aerobic, gaining weight will be a struggle.

Is walking good for building muscle?

yes it helps your thighs and its good for your heart :)

What is a good workout routine for building muscle loosing fat?

You must work the entire body but one of the best workouts for burning fat is squats. You must also run a lot, perform situps and take supplements designed for cutting muscle (they are usually taken by professionals before competitions). These help you burn fat while gaining lean muscle.

What is the good effect of protein?

muscle-building (provided you exercise).

Will amplified wheybolic extreme 60 be good for building muscle?


Is steak good for muscle building?

Yes, steak is high in protein.

What supplements are good for building muscle?

protein clean diet and weight training

What is a good all in 1 supplement for burning fat and building muscle?


Haw many calories should you eat to gain muscle?

Calories alone do not produce muscle. You should have a good balanced diet, a protein shake or two per day, glutamine is good, creatine, and a good free weight exercise routine.

What build muscle better and faster Pull ups and push ups vs weight training?

both are good for muscle building.

What is the best product for burning fat and building muscle?

A good pair of running shoes...

Is it good to work out on a empty stomach?

yes because it doubles the magnitude of muscle building signals

What are good muscle building workouts?

Monday - Chin Ups 5x5 - Squats 5x5 - Deadlift 5x5. Tuesday - Rest. Wednesday - Squats 4x6 - Deadlift 4x6 - Military Press 4x6. Thursday - Rest. Friday - Chin Ups 4x6 - Squats 3x10 - Deadlift 3x10. Saturday - Rest. Sunday - Rest. Start Routine Again. Change Routine Every Month.

What is a good chest workout routine to increase chest muscle size?

A good chest workout is to do bench presses. I think it's the best choice for working out your chest muscles. Good luck and have fun working out.

What are some good daily workout routines?

P90x is all I can say. They have an amazing daily workout routine that changes it up each day creating something they call muscle confusion that makes you build muscle fast.

What are food that make you gain muscle mass?

Foods that are high in protein are the best forms of muscle building foods. Lean cuts of beef, chicken, fish, pork and even eggs are good fuel for muscle growth.

How do you prevent muscle building pain?

You don't eliminate the pain if you want muscle, you can take a good hot bath after a workout and that will help but the pain lets you know that your body is under construction.

Does weight training cause weight gain?

If you are building muscle, you will most likely see a slight weight gain. Do not fret, if you are gaining weight and seeing muscle gains, that is a good thing.

What's the best exercise to include for good body building routine?

Work on your whole body, be sure to vary intensities and repetitions to get the best results. Schedule different body parts to be worked on different days for a complete routine.

Is body building protein good for health?

Yes. It helps build muscle and is good for vegans/vegetarians who fear they lack protein in their diet. There are no health risks

What power does peanut butter have?

Peanut butter helps you gain weight it is loaded with protein's also good for muscle building.

Where can I find more information on muscle building diet?

You can find more information on healthy muscle building diets by reading health magazines and websites. I suggest a good diet to build muscle is not so much protein from animals but protein from nuts and whey. Fruit also helps repair muscles quicker after a long hard work out.

What is more important for losing weight - building muscles or reducing fat?

Reducing fat. You can lose weight with or without building muscle, by eating smaller portions and avoiding unhealthy foods. Though of course exercise is always a good idea whether or not it's for adding muscle.