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When you start the downswing the first move needs to be with your legs and hips.

The best way to describe this is to compare it to another action in sports that people are much more familiar with. Think about a pitcher throwing a Baseball. After the pitcher has brought the ball back, loaded the ball into his right shoulder and lifted his leg, he pushes forward off the mound, opening his hips and whipping the ball out of his hand toward the plate.

In a way as all this is happening, the pitcher is generating a wave of energy starting at his right foot pushing off the rubber, transferring up his leg to his hips, through his right shoulder, arm and hand to the ball.

The same is true of the Golf swing. Once you reach the top of your backswing you want to use your legs and hips first to generate that wave of energy to the club head. This is how you effectively swing through the ball and not at it. It should almost feel like you are throwing the club head into the back of the ball.

Correctly sequencing your swing like this also allows your hands to drop to the inside and generate the proper in-to-out swing that creates a nice gentle draw that so many desire.

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Q: Golf what is the first move in the down swing?
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