Golf balls to use in winter?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I would suggest a firmer Golf ball. They tend to bounce further on frozen ground. Softer golf balls give less of an advantage than in the summer because they do not compress as much when in contact with the club during cold weather.

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Golf Ball Brands are specific for you game and budget, but what you want in cold weather is a SOFT ball, something with low compression to reduce the jarring impact. Anything cheap labeled 'distance' like Top Flite Distance balls are not very good in the cold as they have higher compression (harder) for maximum carry and roll in summer but can feel like hitting a rock in the cold.

The original Precept Laddie and the Maxfli Noodle were among the groundbreaking balls in this new genre of balls, now all the major manufacturers have a 'soft' ball like this.

You might try the Nike Distance Soft, Srixon Soft Feel, Top Flite Super Soft, or Taylor Made Noodle (no more Maxfi).

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Try the ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Ball. It is formulated to work in cold weather with a combination of lower compression and a cover that keeps it working when other balls begin losing distance and feel.


Callaway Diablo

Bridgestone e6

Srixon Soft Feel

Taylormade Burner Tour

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As much as possible since deep-frozen golf balls travel farther.

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Q: Golf balls to use in winter?
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