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Q: Foxboro is the home to what team?
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Foxboro Massachusetts is home to which NFL team?

Foxboro, Massachusetts is home to The New England Patriots.

What city is home for the New England Patriots?

Foxboro, Massachusetts. Foxboro is south of Boston.

Foxboro Massachusetts is home to what Football team?

Foxborough, Ma. is home to the three time Super Bowl winning New England Patriots.

Who are the New England Revolution?

A soccer team based out of Foxboro Massachusetts

In what city do New England Patriots play home games?

Foxboro, MA

What is the NFL team plays for Massachusetts?

The New England Patriots play in Foxboro, Massachusetts. PaymonM

When did Foxboro Raceway end?

Foxboro Raceway ended in 1997.

When was Foxboro Raceway created?

Foxboro Raceway was created in 1947.

Where is the home stadium of the New England Patriots?

In Foxboro, Massachusetts and it is called Gillette Stadium.

Where is the home stadium of new England patriots?

In Foxboro, Massachusetts and it is called Gillette Stadium.

When was Foxboro Hot Tubs created?

Foxboro Hot Tubs was created in 2007.

Was the Super Bowl ever held in Foxboro?

No, the Super Bowl has not ever been held in Foxboro.

Will the super bowl ever be held in foxboro?

You know how there is a possibility a team that has won a Superbowl by a score of 20 - 17 will host Superbowl 2017? And how the Patriots pulled off that upset over St.Louis in 2001? There's your answer. Foxboro will get their opportunity in 2017.

What is the hometown of the patriots?


What city does the new England revolution play for?

They play for the New England region; their home games are in Foxboro, MA.

Is Foxboro A Suburb Of Boston?

Foxboro is about 30 min outside of Boston, and is usually considered a suburb of Boston.

What is the NFL team in Boston?

The New England Patriots, who actually play in Foxboro, MA (aprox. 22 miles outside of Boston)

Who is the home team this year for the super bowl?

The Super Bowl will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas which of course is the home of the Dallas Cowboys, and since the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys are both NFC teams that means that the Green Bay Packers (NFC team) would be considered the Home team since the game is being played in a stadium that is in their conference. An Example for the Steelers being the home team would be if the match up was at Foxboro (Home Of The Patriots) or Lucas Oil Stadium (Home of the Colts) the Steelers would be considered the home team, because the Colts and Patriots are both AFC teams.

Where did Jo Jo the pop singer go to elementary school?

she went to Foxboro Elementary School in Foxboro, Massachusetts

Will a tornado strike foxboro ma?

It is possible for a tornado to strike Foxboro, MA, but there is no way of knowing for certain if it will happen.

Where is Patriot's Field?

Foxboro, MA

Where is Gillette Stadium?

In Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Have the New England Patriots ever beat the Dallas Cowboys at home?

Three times. On October 11, 2011, New England defeated Dallas at Foxboro by the score of 20-16. Earlier, on November 16, 2003, the Patriots beat the Cowboys at Foxboro, 12-0, and on December 5, 1999 the Patriots won over the Cowboys in Foxboro, 13-6.

Where is Foxboro located?

Foxboro, MA is located in Norfolk County, 22 miles southwest of Boston. Foxboro lies on the intersections of highways 95 and 495. In addition, is is 18 miles northeast of Rhode Island's capital, Providence.

Are Foxboro Hot Tubs a satanic band?