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The New York Mets have had three homes; the Polo Grounds (1962-1963), Shea Stadium (1964-2008), and Citi Field (2009-present). The Polo Grounds is one of the most significant stadiums in sports and has been the home to, besides the Mets, New York Giants (MLB) (1890-1957), New York Yankees (1913-1922), New York Giants (NFL) (1925-1955), and the New York Jets (1960-1963). The second home, Shea, is the Mets best known stadium and what fans think of when they hear "Mets Home". Shea also housed the Jets (1964-1983), Yankees (1974-1975) and Giants (NFL) in 1975. The current home of the Mets is Citi Field in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

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2012-02-01 21:04:09
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Q: Former home of the mets
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