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Archie manning is all i can think of off the top of my head

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Q: Former NFL players with sons in college football or the NFL?
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Which current NFL players are sons of former NFL players?

There are many. Probably the most famous are Peyton and Eli Manning, who are both sons of Archie Manning.

How many ex nfl players have sons playing in college?


Who are sons of ex NFL players now playing in the NFL?

Peyton Manning and Eli Mannng are the sons of former QB Archie Manning.

Do most football players have familes?

Yes, most football players do have families, parents, brothers, sisters, other blood relatives, wives, sons, daughters. Since most football players are men, almost none are women who have a husband.

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Who in the NFL are related?

Canadian Football League is related. Although he is right I think you mean what players are related. Archie manning (former Saints quarterback) has two sons in the NFL, Payton Manning and Eli Manning. Both have big shoes to fill.

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