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Man Lebron is way better than Kobe. Lebron can dribble, dunk, and shoot all over kobe.

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โˆ™ 2009-06-08 18:12:17
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Q: For your opinion whos better between Kobe Bryant and lebron James?
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How can LeBron James be better than Kobe Bryant?

Lebron James is better than kobe bryant because Lebron is a a better team player Kobe Bryant is a ball hogger and he sucks

Who was the best basketball player 2008?

actually is Kobe Bryant the mvp of NBA. but in my opinion lebron James is better than him.

Who does Obama think is better LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

LeBron James

Is Bryant better than James?

Definitely, Kobe Bryant is much better than LeBron James.

Who is the better player lebron or Kobe Bryant?

lebron could kick kobes ass

Is Kobe Bryant better at everything than LeBron James?

no, lebron has a better shot than Lebron James, but Lebron is quicker, stronger, and more athletic, than Kobe.

Who has more career triple doubles between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James?

LeBron James

Which is better Kobe Bryant shoes or LeBron James shoes?

lebron James shoes are better. they have better styles colors and more people buy them.

Who makes most out Kobe Bryant and LeBron James?

Kobe Bryant earns more, than Lebron James. Kobe Bryant is payed more due to his ability is better than Lebrons.

Who is better Dwyane Wade or Kobe Bryant?

No one is better that Kobe but Lebron is better that D-Wade

Whose house is better LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe has a biger hous and he is richer then lebron James .

Who is better Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett?

Kobe Bryant. It is very obvious. The top 2 players are lebron and Kobe

Who is famous Lebron James or Kobe Bryant?

both are, kobes much better tho

Kobe Bryant or Lebron James who is the best?


Who is the best Lebron James or kobe bryant?


Is it all about Kobe Bryant HEY IT IS All about kobe bryant not lebron?

no its all about Lebron James

Who is better Kobe are lebron?

this is argueable but most will say ATM Kobe Bryant but he's already 32 so his age is coming in a few seasons lebron will be better

Was Kobe Bryant better than Lebron James in high school?

This is an opinion question. Add yours at the bottom.Kobe was drafted 13th overall, but LeBron was first overall. Lebron was (and is) much stronger in the paint.---Bryant was better then, and he's better now.---At the age of 24, LeBron is better than Kobe on the "points, rebounds, and assists" category in 2009-2010, and was the leader of that category in 2008. He dominated in high school, was rookie of the year, and the number one draft pick (out of high school). Kobe has 4 championships to LeBron's 1, but Michael Jordan did not win a championship until his 7th year.---

Who would you want in crunch time Kobe or lebron?

Kobe Bryant he is Mr. Clutch and much better than Lebron in the clutch and in general.

Who is better LeBron James or Kobe Bryant when it comes to point average?

This is one of the ESPN communist and we have checked all the averages and LeBron James has been better in every category so the true answer is LeBron James.

Why is Kobe Bryant good?

Kobe is the best in the world at basketball better then that stupid idiot lebron

Is lebron James better than kolbey Bryant?

maybe, but D. Wade pwns all

Who is better Kobe Bryant or LeBron?

Kobe Bryant because he has more experience,won 5 NBA Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers

Who do you think is better colby briant or lebron James?

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two great players in the NBA. It depends on who you ask which one is better than the other.

Who a better basketball player Kobe Bryant or lebron James?

Its Kobe duh he just to good Lebron and Kobe are nothing alike its just like Kobe is to good for Lebron LeBron is way way WAY better than Kobe dude!