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go to wikipedia and search modern Olympics

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Q: Flags of countries that have hosted each of the summer Olympics since 1896?
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Flags of the participating countries in the 2012 Olympics?


Flags of countries in winter Olympics?

united states,candad, and more

What are the similarities between Australia and China in terms of advancement?

they both have stars on their flags both hosted the olympics both have large land

Why are symbols icons and flags important at the Olympics?

Because they represent the county. And show which countries are which.

When is the Olympic flag lit?

The Olympic flags are just our countries flags in the Olympics. They are never lit in the Olympics. I think you are refering to the torch that is carried by a runner who starts a fire at the beginning of the Olympic games and is put out at the closing ceremony.

What does each coloured ring in the Olympics stand for?

The Olympic ring colors (including the White Background) symbolizes the colors of the flags of the countries that participate in the Olympic games. At least one of those colors is in the flags of the countries that play in the Olympic games.

Why was the Scottish flag banned at Beijing Olympics?

It is because only flags of participating countries are allowed to be flown at the olympics. Scotland does not enter the olympics, Great Britain does, so only the Union Flag is allowed to be flown.

The Olympics flag has five of these?

The Olympic flag has five rings. These rings, along with their five different colors, represent the international flavor of the Olympics. Specifically, they represent the colors on the flags of the participating countries in the 1912 Olympics.

Where did the rings for the Olympics originate?

The colors where chosen because they are the FIVE most common colors on the originally participating countries flags.

What two countries had the same flag in the 1936 summer Olympics?

I have been looking for this answer as well and I think it is Haiti and one other? That was Haiti and Liechtenstein. The flags were the same with the top half blue and the bottom half red. After the 1936 Olympics, Liechtenstein added a crown to the upper left of their flag so there would be a difference.

How many countries flags are there on the moon?

The U.S. has 6. No other countries have flags there.

Do deserts have flags?

Countries have flags, deserts do not.

Which countries have square flags?

The only countries in the world with square flags are Swizterland and the Vatican.

Where can someone find flags of different countries?

There are many places where one could find flags of different countries. One who is looking to find flags of different countries should visit on the web sources such as Flags Importer and World Atlas.

What is the Flags of the countries that make up the UK?

the flags

Why are all flags famous for their countries?

Flags are famous for their countries because they are symbols of their countries. Each country has a unique symbol to take pride in.

Why do countries have flags?

they have flags because it is to show their freedom and what country they are

How many flags does Africa have?

54 countries 54 flags

What do the flags of countries participating in the 2008 Olympics look like?

go to wikipedia and look at the list of countries paricipating in the 2008 Olympics and they will show you the country and flag and a web link to the country with a closeup of the flag. By the way, you might want to get an updated map of the world and actually figure out where these places are. It's wonderful and informative.

How many countries have dragons on their flags?

== ==

How do you write this sentence correctly I am going to visit HoustonTexas in the summer and we are going to Six Flags?

I am going to visit Houston, Texas and Six Flags over the summer.

What are the children carrying during the parade of nations in the Olympics?

it was a thing for the flags to hold or something like that but i know it was for something about the flags

Why did the Olympics choose rings for their flags?

because some of them want it...

Which 2 countries flags are square?

The only two countries with square flags are Switzerlandand the Vatican City. Both countries are in Europe.

What are the different nationalilities of all the participants in the 2012 Olympics?

national flags

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