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Yes, that's possible.

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Q: Five minute major for boarding - ice hockey?
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What is a five minute major in hockey?

if you fight u get 5 min major

How many minutes is a penalty for fighting in hockey?

The NHL punishes fighting with a five-minute major penalty.

How long must you serve a major penalty in hockey?

Five minutes.

When a player is assessed both a minor and a major penalty in hockey which is served first?

The minor is served first (1st) but may be negated upon the scoring of a goal on the penalized team, where as the five (5) minute major penalty must be served in full.

What are 5 major parts in the body used in hockey?

Five major body parts used in hockey include, arms, legs, brain, eyes and fingers. Hockey players use many parts of their body to be successful.

Can you get a game misconduct in nhl 12?

Yes and you get a five minute major and ate ejected from the game

Is fighting legal in the sport of hockey?

In European hockey and IIHF championships fighting is punished by a major penalty, ejection from the game and a suspension for the next game. In college hockey I understand fighting is also punishable by a game ejection but I don't know if a next game suspension is given. In the NHL, North American minor leagues, and Canadian major junior hockey fighting carries a five minute major penalty. However, in these leagues, despite the penalties, fighting is somewhat encouraged and is viewed as part of the game. Many commentators such HNIC's Don Cherry glorify the fighting aspect of the pro game.

How long does a frield hockey match last?

depends. juniors have 25 minute halves and adults play 35 minutes each way. with five minutes half time

How long is a mma fight?

It depends on the state, the organization and the country. In America for the majority of states, it's three five minute rounds for a regular match and five five minute rounds for title fights. In Japan they use one 10 minute round and one five minute round for regular matches and one 10 minute round and two five minute rounds for titles fights.

What is five letter word for hockey?


How long is each period in an ice hockey game?

There are three (3) twenty (20) minute periods during regulation time. One (1) five (5) minute overtime period during the regular season, and an unlimited number of twenty (20) minute periods in playoff overtime.

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