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if you fight u get 5 min major

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Yes, that's possible.

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Q: Five minute major for boarding - ice hockey?
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What is the penalty for fighting in the National Hockey League?

Fighting is a five (5) minute major penalty for all players, and additional penalties may be given at the officials discretion.

In hockey how many minutes is a boarding penalty?

It all depands on the severity of the hit, and it is also at the referees discretion. you can get a 2 minute for boarding a GM57 which is a 5 minute major and a 2 game suspension you could also get a match penalty with an attempt to injure along with the board so this could result in up to a 7 game suspension

How long must you serve a major penalty in hockey?

Five minutes.

When a player is assessed both a minor and a major penalty in hockey which is served first?

The minor is served first (1st) but may be negated upon the scoring of a goal on the penalized team, where as the five (5) minute major penalty must be served in full.

What are 5 major parts in the body used in hockey?

Five major body parts used in hockey include, arms, legs, brain, eyes and fingers. Hockey players use many parts of their body to be successful.

Can you get a game misconduct in nhl 12?

Yes and you get a five minute major and ate ejected from the game

How many NHL penalties lead to misconduct?

A ten minute penalty to be served consecutively with other penalties given at the time of the infraction. A Game misconduct penalty, while a ten minute major, depending on the infraction and the extent of possibly injure to a player the offending player may also be assessed a Game Misconduct-Match Penalty, meaning the player is disqualified (ejected) from the game. However, a Game Misconduct nor a Match penalty is require for a player to be disqualified. A player can be DQ'd on a five minute major penalty for certain infractions.

How long does a frield hockey match last?

depends. juniors have 25 minute halves and adults play 35 minutes each way. with five minutes half time

How many periods are played in a regulation hockey game before overtime is played?

In the NHL, there is one (1) five (5) minute 'sudden death' overtime period during the regular season, followed by a shoot-out if necessary. There is an unlimited amount of twenty (20) minute 'sudden death' periods during the playoffs.

What is five letter word for hockey?


What five sports are included in the oylmpic games?

Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Field Hockey.

Did Georges Laraque Lose his first hockey game in the NHL?

Laraque made his NHL debut with the Edmonton Oilers in Calgary on November 15, 1997. The teams played to a 2-2 tie. The only statistic Laraque recorded was a five-minute major penalty midway in the first period for fighting defenseman Todd Simpson.