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The first Twenty20 International took place on 17 February 2005

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Q: First t20 worldcup
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Who is the winner of 2020 worldcup 2008?

India is the winner of first t20 worldcup in 2008

In which year Pakistan win T20 worldcup?

Pakistan Win t20 worldcup in 2009

Who is the winner of T20 first worldcup?

Uruguay in 1930

Who was the captain of Pakistan cricket team in the t20 worldcup 2010?

Shahid Afridi was the captain of Pakistan team in the t20 worldcup 2010.

First t20 worldcup play in the year?

The first Twenty20 International took place on 17 February 2005.

Who will win the coming t20 worldcup?

England won the 2010 T20 world cup.

Who is winner of T20 worldcup 2009?


Who won the T20 worldcup for cricket?


When will be next T20 worldcup held?


Who won the T20 worldcup in 2010?


Which country will be host of 2014 t20 world cup?

t20 worldcup 2014 will be held in bangladesh

Where play cricket worldcup t20 2011and which month?

There is no t20 world cup in 2011, it is in 2012.

When India win WorldCup?

1983 in England and 2007 when they won the first ever T20 World cup

Who is the replacement for umar gul in t20 worldcup?

Mohd Aamir.

2010 t20 cricket worldcup westindies captain?

matt damon

When Pakistan cricket team win t20 worldcup?

in 2009 in England.

Which team won the 2ND T20 cricket world cup?

pakistan beat srilanka in final to wind second t20 worldcup

How do you watch the live T20 worldcup?

you can watch live match at circ times

Who is the winner of icc t20 worldcup 2011?

India is the winner of world cup in 2011.

What is the name of t20 cricket worldcup winner countries till now?

West indies and Australia

Who hit the longest six in T20?

Shaid Afridi hit a massive six 157 meters,If You are talking about The largest six hit by pakistani in T20 , then i'll vouch for ishbah , He hit the longest T20 WorlDCup six in 2007

Which player holds the record for the best bowling performance in a T20 international?

By Umer Gul of Pakistan, 5 wickets for just 6 runs against newzealand in the 2009 ICC T20 Worldcup.

Which month was the 20-20 cricket worldcup 2008 was held?

T20 cricket world cup was not held in 2008.

When was the first T20 tournament held?

Where were the first T20 World cup held

Will West Indies be also in race of world cup T20 champion?

May be possible, It will be clear after two or three matches of West Indies. But you want to realy know the fact visit for complete information