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Travis Lee - March 31, 1998

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Q: First home run in team history diamondbacks?
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A home run by Erubiel Durazo took his team to the World Series Which team was it?

Arizona Diamondbacks...

What has the author Bob Crawford written?

Bob. Crawford has written: 'Arizona Diamondbacks' -- subject(s): Arizona Diamondbacks (Baseball team), History, Pictorial works

What is the team salary for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

The Arizona Diamondbacks's 2014 team salary is $108073833, 12th in the MLB.

Who hit the first brewer home run in their team history?

The Brewers franchise began in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots. The team moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers in 1970. The first home run by a Milwaukee Brewer was hit by Danny Walton on April 11, 1970. The first home run in franchise history was hit by Mike Hegan in the first inning of the first game in franchise history (April 8, 1969).

Who was the first free agent signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Shortstop Jay Bell signed with the Diamondbacks on November 17th, 1997 to a five year contract to make him the first free agent signed by the Diamondbacks and second player overall on the team (the first being pitcher Felix Rodriguez)

When did the Arizona Diamondbacks team start?

The Arizona Diamondbacks came into Major League Baseball in 1998.

Who was the first team in baseball?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first team in MLB history

When did the Arizona Diamondbacks become a professional team?


What baseball team is Eric byrnes on?

Arizona Diamondbacks

What baseball team plays in Arizona?

The Arizona Diamondbacks.

Does home or away team take batting practice first?

Home Team does.

If team a vs. team b which team is the home team?

In the sport I play it is the home side that is listed first (Team A)

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