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Just one - the Stadion, a foot race of about 200 metres.

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Q: First event held during Ancient Olympics?
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Was triathlon an event in the ancient Olympics?


Who won the first Ancient Greece Olympic Games?

The victor of the sprint race, which was the only event in the first Olympics.

What is the oldest running event of the ancient olympics?

There was only on running event played in the Ancient Olympics, the short sprint from one side of the stadium to the other.

Pankration in ancient Olympics was a double winner of this event. What was the event?


In what year did wrestling become a sport in the Olympics?

The first recorded wrestling match at the Olympics occurred during the ancient Olympics in 708 BC. For the modern Games that started in 1896, wrestling has been event in all Games except for the 1900 Games in Paris.

What year was the second event added to the ancient Olympics?

There was no second event. Some of the events already came and the first ones were card games.

What did the competitors in the ancient Olympics receive if they won an event?

a metal; gold for first,silver for second and bronze for third

What was the event held at the earliest ancient Olympics games?

The earliest known event was the footrace.

What was thought to be the hardest event in the ancient Olympics?

it was the 3000m sprint

What does hoplitodromos mean?

Race of the Soldiers. It was an event in the ancient Olympics.

When did ancient Greeks start Olympics?

The first ever ancient olympics were held in Olympia, Greece in 776BC. The only event that year was a single race around the stadium, and the games lasted one day.

What was the only atheletic event at the first ancient olympics?

Stadion. I t means a race or sprint measuring 180 and 240 meters