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grant fuhr, oilers

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Q: First black player to hoist Stanley cup?
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What part of speech is hoist?

Hoist is a noun (a hoist) and a verb (to hoist).

Was the hill's hoist the first clothesline made?

No, but it was among the first rotary clotheslines.

When the hills hoist invented?

The Hills Hoist was invented in 1945 by Lance Hill. But Lance Hill wasn't the first to invent the Hills Hoist, in about 1912 Gilbert Toyne, design a rotary Clothes line.

What are differences between auxiliary hoist and whip hoist?

On a large crane, there are usually three hoists; The main hoist, auxiliary hoist, and the whip hoist. The whip hoist is the one attached to the furthest tip of the crane and has the smallest capacity. The Auxiliary hoist has slightly more capacity, and is located between the main hoist and the whip hoist. The main hoist is the biggest hoist on the crane and also determines the maximum weight, the crane can lift.

What is Hoist?

Hoist is what you do to haul something up.

When was hoist invented?

hoist was invented in 1954

What is an anchor hoist?

For the crossword answer, an anchor hoist is a winch.

Can you have a sentence using the word hoist?

the captain told me to hoist the sails I tried to hoist my books on the table

Does hoist come from Germany?

No the word hoist came from Italy! That is it!

What contry does the word hoist come from?

Hoist is derived from German.

How do you restring a hill hoist clothesline?

How do you restring a hills hoist

When was Hills Hoist created?

Hills Hoist was created in 1945.

The first person to hoist Indian National Flag in foreign soil and when?

Bikaji Cama

How is the hills hoist made?

Some links to Hills Hoist below.

What is the hoist used for?

what is the hoist used forA hoist is to used to lift heavy products of goods or machinery and place them in position or move them to where they are required.

Who invented the Hills Hoist?

Lance Hill invented the Hills Hoist in 1945.

Use hoist and attack in a sentence?

They Had To Hoist The American Flag Up To The Top.

When was the Hills hoist invented?

The Hills Hoist clothes drier was invented in 1945.

Why auxilary hoist used along with main hoist in crane?

imong oten

When was Hoist - album - created?

Hoist - album - was created on -19-11-10.

Why did Gustav Hoist play the trombone and Not the Piano?

He wanted an instrument he could hoist.

How do you operate the hoist in Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

Ctrl Key + U Key - Extend or retract hoist arm J Key - Lower hoist cable K Key - Raise hoist cable O Key - Attach or release hoist or sling hook

How can you pull out your motor without an motor hoist?

Get a Russian guy to help you lift it out. Just kidding, but you should use an engine hoist. Maybe a forklift, tractor, or bobcat but its best to use a hoist because its important to go very slow and you have to pull the engine forward first, then up.

Which word does not belong in the group with the other words Tote Transport Carry Hoist?


What country does the word hoist come from?

Hoist comes for Low German, originating from Germany.