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Jackie Robinson i think i had to read a book on him a while ago i think he was the first but im not sure

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Q: First black ball player
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When you make the eight ball in your last turn first and then the white ball bounces and make your apponents last ball in do you win or lose?

If the player makes the black ball in in their last shot and white ball bounces and makes their apponent last ball they still win now if the player makes an apponets ball in first and the black goes in he losses

Who was the first black person to play the game of baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the first pro ball player on a pro team.

Do you get two shots on a black ball after a foul?

No, you do not get two shots when you are on the black ball and the other player commits a foul.

Can you hit opponent ball to hit eight ball in?

No. In 8 Ball, a player is not allowed to hit an opponent's ball with the cue ball first, however the player may hit his ball first, THEN into an opponent's ball, to sink the 8 ball, so long as the player calls that combination.

Who is was the first black player in baseball?

Moses Fleetwood Walker played on an integrated team, the Toledo Blue Stockings of the American Association, in 1884. Over the next few years, about a dozen blacks played minor league ball. The first black player in Major league ball after that was Jackie Robinson, in 1947.

How many points are scored on a black ball if a snooker player makes a 147 break?

The black ball is worth 7 points.

Do you lose if you sink your ball then the 8 black ball?

I believe so but I am not the best pool player...

If the black ball goes in first in billiards before any other ball is it game over?

Session foul you put the black ball in the middle And its ball at hand.

Who was the first female basket ball player?

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Is it a foul if you hit your opponents ball in pool then pot the black when you have none of your balls left?

Yes. If your object ball is the black 8 ball and it is not the ball that is hit first, it is a foul.

If the white ball goes in after the black ball in pool?

Any foul when shooting on the black is an automatic loss for the player who fouled.If the white follows the black in, then you lose in any case.the person who pots the white and black ball at the same time loses.

Who hit first ball at Wimbledon?

A tennis player

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