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2008-12-17 01:10:05
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Q: Fastest time in barrel racing ever?
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What is the fastest time recorded in barrel racing?

12.369 ever but it varies everywhere

How do you win at barrel racing?

You win by having the fastest time.

What is the fastest barrel racing time ever?

13.9 sec is the fastest time ever ran. But yes it does matter by the size of the arena but as long as the barrells are set up at 90,105,105feet its the same size.

What is the fastes barrel racing time?

12.321 seconds is the lowest ever.... but a girl named Amanda somthing won this yr at the 2011 barrel racing champs she got 13.56 fastest yet this yr

What is the fastest Barrel Racing time of 2005?

The fastest time I've seen so far for NBHA was 14.658

How much could you make if you won a professional Rodeo in barrel racing?

@ the Rodeo i go to if you win, you get close to $140 for fastest time

What is the fastest time in Barrel Racing?

The fastest time usually depends on the arena. Some patterns are bigger or smaller than others and the ground is different causing different effects on you and your horse and giving different times.

Can you touch the barrel in barrel racing?

You may touch the barrel. If the barrel is knocked over, there is a time penalty.

What is fastest time in Texas barrels racing?


What is considered a fast time in barrel racing?

20 seconds

What is the fastest time for a formula 1 race car?

It depends where they are racing at

If a barrel gets knocked over in barrel racing how much time is added?

In barrel racing 5 seconds is added for each nocked over barrel but in some contests if a barrel is nocked over its a dq and if u nock over all three its a dq

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