Fastest speed for indoor soccer ball?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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123 fps

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Q: Fastest speed for indoor soccer ball?
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Fastest Recorded Speed of a Soccer Ball?

138 mph/222 Kmh

What is it the possible miles per hour speed of a kicked soccer ball?

The fastest recorded soccer kick was 114 MPH.

What is the difference between soccer and an indoor soccer?

indoor soccer has different soccer cleats and a different kind of ball and has walls around the field and has assfolt and outdoor soccer has a different size ball and kind of ball and has no walls and had natural grass,

Whats the fastest recorded speed of a soccer ball in flight?

No official records exist for fastest kicks in competitive soccer. However, James Dart and Paolo Bandini compiled an unofficial list using data from the Sky Sports Replay 2000, and calculated that one shot flew at 114 miles per hour, kicked by David Hirst. The Guinness World Records lists a machine having kicked a ball at 139.8 miles per hour.

Can an indoor soccer goalie bounce the ball?

Yes, as long as you are in the box.

What does speed have to do with soccer?

speed has a lot to do with soccer. if you didn't have speed then you wouldn't be able to chase down the ball or catch other players to get the ball

What will hit the ground the fastest a basketball or soccer ball?

a baseball will

Can you touch the goalie in indoor soccer?

It all depends on how you touch them, if the goalie has possession, and if the goalie is dribbling the soccer ball.

What ball clocked the fastest speed?


When does soccer ball reach top speed?

The soccer ball reaches its top speed of about 75 mph 1 second after being hit.

What is the highest speed of a football Soccer?

As of 2014, the fastest known recorded speed of a kicked soccer ball was 131 miles per hour (211 kilometers per hour), kicked by player Ronny Heberson. Since the speeds of kicked soccer balls are not often recorded, it is possible greater speeds have been achieved.

What is the top speed of a soccer ball?