Fastest hat trick in premiership

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The fastest premiership hat-trick was scored by Robbie Fowler in 4 minutes 32 seconds against against Arsenal on Sunday 28 August 1994, aged just 19.

The goalkeeper on the receiving end was former England veteran David Seaman, who could only watch helplessly as the young Fowler confirmed his emerging talent. The mayhem starting in the 26th minute.

It was made even more memorable for some of us in the stands watching the spectacle when a very old pensioner couldn't contain himself - shouting 'Robbie - you make me feel like a teenager again !!'

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Robbie Fowler, for Liverpool against Arsenal in 1994, taking 4 min 33 sec to bag his trio.

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mark burchill

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Q: Fastest hat trick in premiership
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4 min. and 32 sec.

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Billy Mosienko- 21 seconds

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It was Peter Polatos.

Did jermain pennant play for arsenal in the premiership?

Yes. I remember him scoring a hat-trick against Southampton at Highbury.

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