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Hakan suker of Turkey in eleven 11 minutes. The fastest ever.

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Q: Fastest goal maker at FIFA World Cup?
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What was the fastest goal scored in the opening game in the history of the FIFA World Cup?

The fastest goal was by Germany! XD

Who is the 2006 FIFA World Cup fastest goal scorer?

Darren Scott

The fastest ever fifa world cup goal was scored in what year?


Who scored the fastest goal in a FIFA World Cup?

The quickest goal in a FIFA World Cup match was Hakan Sukur's goal against South Korea in a third-place playoff game in 2002. He scored the goal elven seconds into the game.

Who scored the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Thomas Müller. Germany vs. Argentina. 3 minutes.

Who was the player to make the fastest goal in the fifa world cup?

Hakan Sukur for Turkey against South Korea in 2002.

Which player scored the fastest goal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

It was scored by the German Tomas Muller in three minutes, Steven Gerrard scored his goal in four minutes.

The fastest ever goal scored in football?

Ithink it is from Hakan Sukur in 2002 FIFA World Cup semi-final Turkey - South Korea

Who scored the 139th goal in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010?

Carles Puyol of Spain scored the 139th goal in the 2010 fifa world cup.

Who was the top goal scorer in 1966 FIFA World Cup in England?

Eusebio of Portugal was the top goal scorer in the 1966 fifa world cup with 9 goals.

Who scored goal on minimum time in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Thomas Muellar scored the fastest goal 3 minutes, steven Gerrard scored in 4 minutes and Kevin Boateng in 5 minutes.

Who scored the first goal in the 1998 fifa world cup?

I did

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